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Project Description

Weekend Warrior

Company Information

Website: http://weekendwarriortoyhauler.com/

Phone Number: (844) 284-6678

Address: 1060 E Waterford St, Wakarusa, IN 46573

About Us

The RV Factory is the premiere manufacturer of Avion class B motorhomes camper RV and Weekend Warrior RV toy haulers, 5th Wheels, selling factory direct. THE RV FACTORY LLC, is an RV manufacturing company forged with customers in mind. At the heart of the company is a factory direct business model, bringing together both manufacturer and retail.

This model is driven by over 35 years of RV manufacturing experience. Driving this customer experience is founder and chairman Brian Shea. Brian believes it’s time to focus on the retail customer’s needs. “I have been fortunate enough to have been part of one of the most successful manufacturing companies in Elkhart, Indiana,” stated Shea, “since 1971 working with my father at Fairmont Homes and later at Gulf Stream Coach, I learned the importance of great looking product built with residential construction principles. ” Brian Shea’s father, Jim Shea Sr. was the founder of both Fairmont Homes and Gulf Stream Coach, Brian would later become the President of Gulf Stream Coach in the 90’s for over 15 years. “During those many decades I learned the importance of product details and value.” 

THE RV FACTORY, LLC is selling products directly to the retail customer, “there is a new mandate from the retail customer”, Shea explains, “they want to have a close relationship with the people they buy from. This is evident when you consider the impact companies like Apple, Starbucks, Gap Jeans have made on the retail marketplace. These companies get to tell their own story in their own words to the retail customer. This is the most exciting part about THE RV FACTORY.” We have a 50,000 sq ft production facility located in Wakarusa, Indiana producing several types of recreational vehicles including the iconic brand names Weekend Warrior and Avion. In addition to the production facility, THE RV FACTORY has a 10,000 sq ft indoor showroom. “Our products are immediately recognizable by those familiar with the RV industry. It is our intent to offer great brands with the best and newest designs and construction in both the class b motorhome market and the towable RV market.

One of the more exciting aspects of selling RV’s factory direct, is the ability to work closely with our consumers offering them a degree of customization. THE RV FACTORY has assemble an experienced management team to deliver the factory direct model for the retail customer with their personal preferences in mind. With a degree of customization, we can meet their individual needs and achieve a very satisfying experience. It is clear with recent success by companies like Apple and Tesla Car company that the retail customer is feeling comfortable with buying products directly from the manufacturer bypassing the middleman. avion azur mountains THE RV FACTORY, also owns AVION INTERNATIONAL, a class B manufacturer. The focus of our business strategy is to purchase iconic brands and sell them directly to the retail customer through our Factory direct sales model. We build Class B motorhomes primarily on Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van chassis that are uni-body construction. The majority of Class B motorhomes are manufactured in Canada. We offer an American made Class B conversion, manufactured in Wakarusa, Indiana at our brand new state of the art facility.


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