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Pleasure Way

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Phone Number: (800) 364-0189

Address: 302 Portage Avenue, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7J 4C9

About Us

You will not find an assembly line at Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd.  We do not use this popular and time-saving method of manufacturing.  We refuse to sacrifice fit, finish, quality and safety for time and cost savings.

At Pleasure-Way Industries, we give each motorhome we build the meticulous care and attention it deserves.  On average, it takes six weeks and over four hundred man hours to finish just one Pleasure-Way motorhome!  Pleasure-Way’s unique construction process strays very far away from most recreational vehicles manufacturers that mass produce thousands of coaches in a fraction of the time.

The construction of Pleasure-Way motorhomes involves measuring, constructing and hand-fitting custom made parts onto each individual chassis. Why you ask?  The answer is simple. Even though all chassis of a particular make and model, such as Ford, Mercedes or Chevrolet, appear to be identical to each other, there can be slight tolerance differences in the body by up to a quarter of an inch!  This can greatly affect the fit and finish of each individual component of the motorhome.  That is why at Pleasure-Way we hand fit and trim each individual part, from running boards to wall partitions, to perfectly fit each particular coach.


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